Friday, March 19, 2010

Thoughts about the News of March 19, 2010

It looks as if Congress is finally going to pass some sort of health care reform, probably not the best possible bill, but legislatures are about compromise, not quality. Interestingly, the Republicans are still refusing to play. They are sticking to their old abstinence policy of “Just say no.” Perhaps the final product would have been better if they had tried to work with the Democrats on this issue. The divisiveness of American politics continues to hurt us all.

Another sex scandal in the Catholic Church. The current Pope was head of the German archdiocese when it ignored a doctor’s warning about a priest abusing young boys. One must wonder how a group that is so concerned about the unborn, can be so unconcerned about the sexual abuse of young boys.

Fess Parker died. He played Davy Crockett in the Disney television series, a craze that swept America in the mid-1950s. Bad history, but great television from my childhood. Back then, every guy my age wanted to wear a coonskin cap, carry a rifle named "Ole' Betsy" and fight for Texas at the Alamo.


  1. This daily news commentary is a great idea, David. I will check it often!

    I can definitely see you wearing a coonskin cap ... I had one too.

  2. I am fairly certain that the Catholic Church considers priests to be more important than anyone else in the Church.